Nature and Wildife Links
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
NWRC National Wildlife Research Center
NWRC National Wildlife Research Center Links
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
The Animal Diversity Web
API: U.S. Trapping Statistics/Facts
Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series
ADF&G's Wildlife Notebook Series: Beaver
Beaver Facts
Beaver Pictures
Beaver Fun Facts
Vertebrate Pest Conference: Wildlife and Animal Damage Control
Welcome to O.W.L.
Urban Wildlife Resources
Feeding Wildlife
Fish and Game Departments
Pioneer Wildlife Homepage
Wildlife Management Information
The Nature Conservancy
Wildlife Resources in Nebraska
Wildlife Photos
Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife
Bomis: The Bear Ring
Paw Prints Post
Polar Bear Home Page
SquirreLink Brown Pages
The Squirrel Lover's Club
The World Wide Raccoon Web
Joey's Raccoon Domain
The Ringtail Ring
Rabbits and Rodents
Wildlife Information Project
Environmental Letters, Articles, and Book Reviews
Nature Forum: Into the Woods
Society for Species Management & Survival. - (AR)
Forest Carnivores (AR)
Forest Guardians Animal Damage Control Information (AR)
Predator Protection (AR)
Wildlife Control Technology
Esther Bunny
Abby's Zookeeper's Page
Bill's Wildlife Links
Wildlife Web
Environment Canada
Wildlife Biology Information Page
Minnesota's Moose Mystery Home Page
Alaska Dept of Fish & Game
Wildlife Resources in Nebraska
The Wildlife Society
League of Conservation Voters
Lindsay Wildlife Museum
World Center for Birds of Prey
Wildlife Rescue
Links for Wildlife
Species Information
Nature Magazine
Field and Stream
National Geographic
Fish and Game Departments
American Bear Association - Bear Links