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Planet Beaver

How Bucky arrived in his present domain

Welcome to Beaver.

A nice place to visit. A great place to live.

In 1978 NASA launched the VoyagerII spacecraft with an invitation to any and all beings of the universe to stop by and visit Earth. Inside this craft was a gold disk embeded with greetings in most of the Earth languages and mathematical equations that described the Earth and its inhabitants. This disk would have been decipherable by any intelligent beings with an advanced knowledge of mathematics and physics.

In 1995 the VoyagerII spacecraft came crashing down on the Planet Beaver, right through the roof of a 1972 Cadillac occupied by two of the planet's most learned scientists, Herman and Sherman Beaver.

After the initial confusion, the intrepid scientists discovered the disk. What was it? Could it have been a special delivery of their free selection from Columbia Record House? No, Columbia knew to always ship in eight-track format, the latest technology on Beaver.

The disk was brought to the leadership of the planet. It was studied by scientists and theologians from the Benevolent Order of the Benedictine Brotherhood of the Immaculate Beaver Lodge. A decision was reached to send explorers out into the universe to find the origins of this disk, or at least a planet with the technology to decipher its information

With body work complete on the 72' Caddy, courtesy of Jim's Garage and Mission Control inc., the beaver space program was born. Rocket boosters and special navigational equipment was added along with repairs to the muffler. This Cadillac would be the ultimate interplanetary travel vehicle.

The launch was successful and Herman and Sherman hurtled through space in search of the author of the VoyagerII disk. Unbeknownst to them at the time the trunk contained Bucky Beaver, whom they had forgotten since their last journey to the Beaver drive-in theater.

All went well until they entered the Earth's atmosphere and American airspace. Perceiving the images on their radar screens to be invaders, the air defense command launched surface to air missles to down the beaver spacecraft.

The beaver explorers crash landed in the last half-acre of undeveloped property in New Jersey. After surveying the surroundings they knew that they were in a hostile environment. They also discovered that the pounding coming from the trunk was not due to intergalactic changes in pressure, but was their missing friend, Bucky.

The decision was made to effect repairs on the craft and to "get the heck out of New Jersey". One problem that they encountered at this time was the difference in the effect of gravity between the two planets. If they were to successfully relaunch and exit the Earth's atmosphere they would have to leave someone behind. Being the selfless heroic individual that he is, Bucky volunteered to stay behind and colonize the new world.

After determining that Earth had more to offer than New Jersey, Bucky moved on to his present abode deep in the wilderness. He lives there to this day among the native beavers who are unaware of his origin. The only difference being his superior intellect and bountiful beauty.

So, next time you see a beaver ask yourself a question. Is this a cute little rodent or the advance force of the coming alien invasion?

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